We’ve been through a lot these last three years, on this the anniversary of the “Shelter in Place” order that began the surreal time known as The Pandemic Years. 

Comics have been through a lot. Shut downs, start ups, setbacks, comebacks…and the fate of the periodical remains as clouded as ever, and comics marketing is more of a crazy-quilt than ever. Social media, tweets, TikToks, livestreams, crowdfunds, video, you name it. 

But here’s an oldie but goodie we’re seeing return: the mysterious teaser campaign! Marvel used to be the master of these, although as you can see, guessing that it meant a reboot for the 616 was incorrect. 

It’s from Image Comics – itself no stranger to the teaser – and two images have been released thus far.  


We’d agree with both sentiments. The answer is never in a bottle unless the bottle is Pepto Bismol. 

Just exactly who or what this is from, we don’t know although we have some suspicions. We’re not up to speed enough on current Image artists to recognize the style – who do you think it is?

And what is your guess as to what this is for? Is this another old superheroes/villains deconstructed tale….or just a red herring? 

Are you looking forward to “UNNAMED IMAGE PROJECT”? Should we keep posting the teasers? Let us know all in the comments below!