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Oh speaking of Amazon, I didn’t realize that they have sub categories in all their best seller list now. Thus you can not only see what’s selling in the main graphic novel category (answer: coloring books) but in more than a dozen subcategories, such as Manga, Romance Manga, Superheroes and How to Create Comics and Manga.And when you click on some of them, like Publishers, you get sales charts for the top 7 or 8 publishers in one click. (Can you feel teh excitement??!!??)

When you click on Graphic novels you get a Russian nested doll of genre categories, all the way down to zombies. 

Perhaps our own David Carter who tracks Amazon listings weekly, can shed some light on when all these categories were introduced. (And if you are an old school tech lover like me, you can even create am RSS feed of all of these categories.)

Amazon numbers are notoriously flaky and easily gamed, and the methodology obscure (although they are updated every hour), so these charts don’t really reveal more than a couple of copies sold over a week or more. But if you like to make charts and graphs, today is your lucky day!

Oh and one more Amazon note, which is just peripheral and personal. I was checking into my affiliate stats and noticed that although I have hundreds of click via my Amazon links, few comics were brought directly from a link in the last two months, even during the busy holiday season. This is very common, but it’s interesting that when people click on a link to buy a book, they often don’t and instead browse around and buy, say, a turkey fryer or a coloring book. That still nets me a few pennies, but I thought it was interesting to note.

Just to be clear, like most people who have a website, I have an “Amazon Affiliate” link and when I link to Amazon if you buy that book or anything in that session, I get a buck or so. It never ads up to enough money, just enough to buy a Christmas presents and a new pair of shoes for San Diego, but hey, everyone needs new, comfortable shoes for San Diego. Thank you for clicking and buying!


  1. The big seller for my affiliate link to Amazon this year was multiple gingerbread houses and more chocolate than I though possible to consume (also bought with the houses. It was something like $300 worth of chocolate.

    I actually sell a decent amount of games through my link, very few comics.

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