The other day we mentioned a bunch of reprints coming out from Dover, several of them from the long ago era when Marvel published all kinds of original graphic novels and creator owned series, mostly under the guidance of Archie Goodwin at Epic. Well here’s another projects being brought back to light, Star Slammers by Walter Simonson, originally published by Marvel in 1983 as a graphic novel then a five issue mini series. As the title may indicate, this is not a deep think book—a lethal team of mercenaries kick the shit out of folks—but it IS Simonson at the peak of his powers. And that’s some peak. (It should be noted that peak has lasted until the present day.) Star Slammers: The Complete Collection will also include Simonson’s original notes for the series—which started like as a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design—with more than 60 pages of never-before-seen work.

The first printing will include a bound in signature plate with Simonson’s muuch-loved dinosaur signature. and it comes at NO EXTRA COST. This is our lucky day.