One of IDW’s biggest successes has been their Artist Edition collection, which publish black and white art from some of the very best artists of all time – we’re talking Will Eisner, David Mazzucchelli and John Romita, here – in wonderful detail. This year at SDCC the company have announced that more artists will be experiencing the artist edition treatment!


Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in Hell will be reprinted next year, collecting together the five-issue miniseries from this year along with assorted short stories including ‘The Corpse’ and two early comics for Dark Horse. You can read a full interview about this collection on CBR, actually. There’ll be no lettering in this book, as Mignola adds that in at a later date, digitally, when he works.

Sam Kieth’s The Maxx will be collected also. This’ll be made up of the first six issues of the popular Image series.

Walt Simonson has previously had a Thor Artist Edition released, which will be re-released next year with a second printing. However the panel announced a second Simonson collection will be coming down the line – one which collects together his Starslammers graphic novel.

Finally – as appears to have been found out by Joshua Stone from Bleeding Cool – it looks as though next year will also see a collection of Joe Kubert’s Tarzan as an Artist’s Edition. Stone also asked about the possibility of collections from Jim Steranko or Steve Ditko, and got a ‘maybe’ from editor Scott Dunbier


  1. I’d love to see a Colan book. The tribute book done by Marvel was nice, but a big b&w book would be a “thing of beauty.”

  2. Torsten, IDW has already stated publicly that they are in touch with the LOC/Smithsonian about the AF #15 art. The main problem I can see there is the need to include other material in the book so it’s not just a glorified pamphlet/portfolio. Maybe more Ditko Spidey stories, if they have been assembled by some collector? We know Ditko trashed much of his original art once it was returned to him.

    Is a large stash of Colan’s art still in a central location, or has it spread to the four winds? I believe that locating full stories in a single location accessible to IDW is what holds back many potential books of older material (including Kirby).

  3. Jim Steranko joined Twitter recently and I asked him a question about the location of his Nick Fury artwork from the 60s. He answered he had ‘most of it’. This is what I’d love to see.

  4. Will the Sam Kieth book reprint the letters section featuring a missive from a very young Heidi MacDonald? [pats self on back for remembering]

  5. Thorsten: the original art to most of the american Disney comic books were destroyed by the publisher. Only ca 200 pages of Carl Barks 6000+ pages survived thanks to his editor Chase Craig. There are also lots of later Paul Murry artwork in existence (from the 70’s) thanks to his editor Del Connell. What Disney DO have is newspaper strip originals. From 1953 and onwards. The earlier stuff was thrashed in 1955…
    When it comes to european disney art it’s a different story. And I might add that Disney artists are allowed to sell their original art :)

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