IDW is 25 in ’24! Hard to believe the publisher is celebrating 25 years of “innovation, award-winning storytelling  and simply loving comics.”

There have been some twists and turns along the way, but to mark 25 years, IDW is rolling out a brand new anniversary logo, designed by Director of Design Nate Widick, and plans for their own solicitation catalog to go to retailers and fans.

To mark the start of the celebration, IDW’s current publishers and president all had something to say.

“Helping IDW celebrate 25 years is a true honor,” said Co-Publisher Tara McCrillis. “IDW was started with the passion of a few guys in a small office that loved comics and today we still hold true to that sentiment. IDW is filled with some of the most passionate comics professionals in the industry and it is a pleasure to be able to share space with them and keep IDW moving forward toward the next 25!”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the next evolution of IDW Publishing,” said the other Co-Publisher Mark Doyle. “We have some great plans to celebrate the past while building towards the future! We’ve got an amazing lineup of talent we’re working with during this momentous year, from some of the biggest names in comics to new voices who will become the super stars of tomorrow. I’m so excited for fans to read these great stories and learn more about our plans.”

CEO Davidi Jonas also spoke up. “Honoring the trailblazing innovators that founded, grew, and solidified IDW as a premier graphic publisher is both right and wise. “Robbie Robbins and Ted Adams are at the foundation IDW. They deserve our deep appreciation and admiration. And, we look to their example for guidance as we turn the next page to ensure that IDW’s next 25 years return to being entrepreneurial, nimble, a fun place to work, to be in relationship with fans, partners, creators, and store owners…to be part of the beauty of the comics community.”

Adams and Robbins founded IDW back in 1999, during a somewhat tumultuous time for the comics industry, as sales were still recovering from the ’96 implosion, and graphic novels has yet to take hold in bookstores and libraries. But the company persevered, eventually acquiring Top Shelf, creating its own production arm, and publishing classics like 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and LOCKE & KEY and newer notables like THE HUNGER AND THE DUSK and BENEATH THE TREES WHERE NOBODY SEES. Both Adams and Robbins have moved on to other ventures, and IDW has had some ups and downs as we’ve noted, but they’re still around and have more good books coming out in ’24. 


2024 will mark another evolution for the company, as they produce their own catalog – the first edition comes out digitally this week, with a boffo cover of Godzilla fighting a giant robot. Future editions will be released in both print and digital.

IDW is distributed by Penguin Random House in both the direct market and bookstores.


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