With COWBOYS & ALIENS on the way to becoming a real live movie starring move stars like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig and directed by Jon Favreau, Platinum Studios is on its way to being a real live content provider, and so ICM has signed up to rep them, Deadline reports.

ICM has signed Platinum Studios, with the mission to help the entertainment company create film projects from its vast library of 5600 comic book characters. Platinum Studios was started by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, who brokered the original deal for Men in Black when he ran Malibu Comics.

Platinum, you may recall, was established in 1997 and since then has weathered a lot of ups and downs, including a seven-year-delay in getting books published, criticism over the work for hire deals they offered creators, going public and sustaining losses of $5.1 million in 2007, controversy over their acquisition of the e-publishing site Wowio, suspicion that they bought a spot on the EW graphic novel bestsellers list by shipping free copies of COWBOYS & ALIENS to a store, and so on. Despite all this, Platinum has several other movies in the works, including Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night based on the popular Italian comics, starring Brandon Routh; Stalntis Rising, Meet the Haunteds and, the piece tells us puzzlingly, “The Witchblade,” which is best known as a Top Cow property.

Anyone who has been following the Platinum story will enjoy the comment section at Deadline, which is about 50/50 cheerleading and sharp criticisms.


  1. Platinum has a relationship with Image, so maybe Platinum is developing a Witchblade movie?

    Nice use of “wethered”… Can also be used as a verb for vaporware.

    5000 characters? Really?

    If any movie is produced, will there be a book to tie-in?