Ooohhhhh. Secret! They freshened it up with a silhouette — looks like some kind of frog monster, right?


  1. I’m guessing that’s the Mac Gargan Venom, but who knows? Oh, and you forgot to mention the creative team on the new book: Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato! Should be a good ‘un!

  2. Isn’t the blank-faced fellow a gravatar?

    Regarding the Secret Avenger: Are you known for your work in the theater?

    Are you bigger than a breadbox?

  3. I, uh, really hope that’s his/her right foot.

    Jesus. How did nobody at Marvel see that before it was made public?

    You know, the more I look at it, the more I see that this might be the worst-drawn silohuette of all time. I mean, look at that thing. There is no way that individual is any sort of position an actual human is capable of accomplishing. And I think it has a dog head.

  4. Hmm, there seems to be a figure with a cape, a hood, one extra large foreshortened hand, and multiple appendages sticking out of his knee. 1:25 Variant Man?

  5. I’d say Beast, which explains the the goofy quote and the weird-shape of the feet. That or Spider-Man, but if that’s Spidey, in not a great picture of him.

    Or are “Secret Avengers,” like, a thing? In which case, I don’t know. Or care.

  6. Jason Green axed:

    “…how do we give ourselves an avatar…?”

    I think you have to buy one from James Cameron.

  7. We are really going to be surprised when we find out what that Coke can Cock is.

    I’m revising my guess to GALACTUS!

  8. “Secret Avenger Man! Secret Avenger Man! They’ve given you a silhouette, and they’ve taken away your pants!”

  9. I say it’s Condom Man, with a resevoir tip for emergencies. He battles his arch-nemeses, Mega-Smega-Man. Virginia Dentata AKA Venus Flytrap, and Salt Peter.

    Or perhaps Percolator Pete, the caffeinated super-hero… kinda like Bane, but with a different drug.

    Or probably the new Steve Rogers identity, with a weird helmet covering his head. He’ll fall into a vat of chemicals at Osborn Industries and become the American Scream!

    Or maybe a reformed Speedball?

    Or Reddy Kilowatt, with vacuum tube head?

    Weird perspective. The lower hand, which is holding a weapon, is farther away than the upper hand. The upper hand looks like the figure is moving away from the viewer.

  10. I think Marvel has come up with a brilliant new psycho-analytical tool.

    Psychologist: Just look at this Secret Avenger Promo and tell me who it is. There is no wrong answer.

    Fanboy: Congorilla

    Psychologist: That is incorrect

  11. @Randolph Hoyte: Bug has been hanging out in the cosmic part of the MU since Annihilation: Conquest started a couple years back, and is a regular member of the Guardians of the Galaxy right now.

  12. No problem, Randolph! And if you’re looking for a Marvel book to read these days, you couldn’t do much better than Guardians of the Galaxy…the cosmic books in general have been remarkably solid over the last 4 years or so, and they’re contained within just a handful of titles (GotG, Nova, and various miniseries that start up every so often).

  13. Of course you can’t tell who it is, they were all drawn by Stinky John Romita Jr.. Even if they weren’t blacked out it would be hard to tell who they are.