Humanoids has announced plans to donate the proceeds from digital sales of its Omni series on comiXology to Black Lives Matter.

The sale will run now through the end of September, with all four issues if Omni on sale for $.99. With this, 100 percent of royalties for those digital sales will go to Black Lives Matter. Omni is a series from writer Devin Grayson, artist Alitha E. Martinez, colorist Bryan Valenza, and letterer A Larger World Studios. It is the story of a doctor who is given super powers and uses them to tackle socio-political problems the variety of which we are all grappling with in the real world.

You can find the full press release about this initiative from Humanoids below…

Humanoids, the Los Angeles-based publisher of some of the world’s most iconic and groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy graphic novels, will donate proceeds from digital sales on comiXology of its OMNI comic book series by writer Devin Grayson (Nightwing, Black Widow), artist Alitha E. Martinez, and colorist Bryan Valenza, with lettering by a Larger World Studios, to Black Lives Matter. Now through the end of September, issues 1 through 4 of the ongoing series are on sale at ComiXology for $.99, and 100% of the royalties for sales of those issues will go to the Black Lives Matter movement. OMNI: THE DOCTOR IS IN, the first acclaimed trade paperback, is on sale in bookstores on September 1 and in comic shops on September 2.

In OMNI: THE DOCTOR IS IN, gifted doctor Cecelia Cobbina was once held in the highest regard by peers and patients alike. But that was before an incident in Africa changed her life forever. Now with the ability to process thoughts at the speed of light, she faces the unimaginable burden of literally having an answer for everything. As the realization of her newfound power becomes apparent, Cecelia must overcome her fears and tackle the one mystery she can’t seem to crack: the origins of her astounding new skills. In the series, Cecelia tackles socio-political problems, like victims wronged by the justice system and white supremacists.

Here’s what people are saying about OMNI:

“The Future of Comics.”—THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“More than a typical ‘super-smart doctor’ story, Grayson’s Cobbina is a compelling character made more so by her new abilities and the unique way in which they manifest themselves, and the way that Martinez, and Valenza visually represent those abilities is unexpected and clever.”—COMICS BEAT

“The Earth is going through major ecological changes and fights back by somehow giving people special abilities. One of them is Cecelia Cobbina, a physician serving with Doctors Without Borders when her ability, a hyper-intelligence, activates. Her friends think they are now living in a superhero story, but she sees it as a medical mystery. Cecelia is a confident and engaging character that you immediately want to see succeed.”—THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Immediate and relevant.”—FANBASE PRESS

“The artwork is engaging, this brilliant mix of gritty realism and minor fantasy the artwork is engaging, this brilliant mix of gritty realism and minor fantasy that drives the narrative goal without foregoing the playfulness we expect from big superhero titles.”—AiPT COMICS

“If you are bored of the standard capes and cowls narratives from the Big 2 publishers and fancy something different, then Omni and the Ignition Universe is for you.”—MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS

“The art by Alitha E. Martinez is fantastic.”—GRAPHIC POLICY

“The best way to describe this book would be if you’re a fan of Heroes (TV Show), Harbinger, or X-Men meets Vertigo AKA Black Label. That being said, it felt deeper and more mature than a superhero book.”—OUTRIGHT GEEKERY