In Let’s Get Burgers by Ash S., friends Knife and Cheddar navigate life the only way they know how: by seeking out their favorite food, burgers!

Let's Get Burgers
Knife & Cheddar introductions!

Knife is a cat and Cheddar is a dog, and they love both each other and burgers.

Over the course of the comics, the pair deals with a cavalcade of challenges between themselves and their coveted burgers. Sometimes they face realistic hurdles, like having to navigate their way around a cop they encounter in the wild or avoiding an ex-boyfriend while eating at a restaurant (the fact that the ex-boyfriend in question is a squirrel will, for some, only add to the verisimilitude).

Let's Get Burgers
Sometimes, the only honorable option is escape.

There are also plenty of instances where the comic veers into the more surreal: for example, Knife’s boss at Printer Cat appears to be a literal devil, and in an early strip, the friends find themselves being flipped the bird by an extraterrestrial.

Let's Get Burgers
Cheddar espouses a relatable perspective.

The comic is also not solely limited to their culinary conquests, and the friends also have had many non-burger related stories (including strips where they are supportive to one another, both helping the other work through negative thought patterns and offering uplifting words of encouragement).

Let’s Get Burgers features adorable character design, relatable adventures undertaken in the search for burger-based sustenance, and incredibly funny close-ups on Knife & Cheddar’s respective reactions. Plus, the supporting cast is filled out with more realistic depictions of various animals, and the disparity in style is delightful.

You can support Ash directly through their Patreon (which can get you access to the new comics on Saturday, a full day before Twitter), and be sure to check out his website to see more of their art!

Let's Get Burgers
Knife has eater’s remorse after ordering chicken fingers.