• I have the con crud still. Has anyone ever studied this illness? It’s basically just coughing up crud for a week while not even feeling sick. Is that how ebola starts?

• The Beat’s Patreon campaign is a success! Thank you all so much for your generosity and belief in independent journalism! OF course now I have to do all the stuff I promised I would. While I was away I forgot I had to come home and fix my computer…things will go a bit faster when I have that done which should take a week or so. But you’ll see some results over the next couple of days as well.

•Actually here’s the very start, a new review category page. But I’m going to build it out into a sub site over the next few weeks.

• The computer I am using has an autocorrect feature. So my spelling is better, while my typing is the same. However sometimes it throws in words that have nothing to do with what I typed, and they don’t even show up as typos. So if you see anything particularly nonsensical here that could be the reason why.

• I’m still working on my thoughts on this year’s San Diego, but I have to thank my crew of Kyle Pinion, Hannah Lodge, Zach Clemente, Henry Barajas, Matthew Jente, Jeff Trexler, Alexander Jones, Nick Eskey, David Nieves, Chandler Moses, Chandler Banks, Victor Van Scoit, Pam Auditore and Andrew Leos. And of course ground crew Todd Allen and Steve Morris. These guys really knocked it out of the park with the amount and quality of coverage and the interviews are still rolling out. And we still have a few very special features to come, even if you think you are sick of con you are not, you are not I say! I learned so much from these folks, and we had a ball and we’re cooking up even more ideas for the future.

• I forgot what else I was going to say. Con crud.