Jonathan Hickman‘s much-anticipated run on the X-Men begins today with the release of House of X #1. The issue redefines the status quo for Marvel’s merry mutants in stunning fashion. To celebrate, Marvel has released a digital director’s cut for the debut issue. The director’s cut of the issue is available to buy digitally, and customers who redeem digital codes from physical copies of House of X #1 will also receive the bonus material.

This deluxe edition adds new content to what is already an oversized, 56-page package, with Hickman’s full script included, as well as process pages that spotlight the linework of artist Pepe Larraz and the coloring by Marte Gracia. A gallery of over a dozen variant covers for the issue rounds out the director’s cut. The full director’s cut version of the issue comes out to a whopping 178 pages — well worth the $5.99 price tag.

Marvel has gone the digital director’s cut route a few times before, including for the debut issue of their last Uncanny X-Men relaunch. It’s a great way to take advantage of the digital format, providing bonus content for digital customers at no additional cost.

We’ll have a full review of House of X #1 as part of this week’s Marvel Rundown column, so check back later this morning to see what we thought of the historic debut. House of X #1 is available in comic shops and digitally now.


  1. Hi Joe, if I may make a correction: when you type in the digital code from a physical copy, you only get the normal digital edition of House of X #1, not the Director’s Cut. I asked Marvel about it (as I’d bought a physical copy) and they confirmed that was the case.

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