That’s right, even if you weren’t on the internet at 12:00:00 pm PST ON THE DOT, there are still excellent hotels available right now. Many are on the shuttle route; many are name brand resorts.

For those of us who had trained all morning to get in and make our choices and get out, the event today was frightfully UNeventful. Basically, we got in, made our choices, gave our info and…got out. Two minutes in and out. While our Twitter feed basically fell silent for about three minutes, afterwards everyone had the same dazed expression. It was EASY. Too easy, as Clint Eastwood surely once said.

What is not easy now is the wait. Notifications will go out within 48 hours of whether you got a hotel on your list or not. This notification letter will include mysterious instructions that we will need to follow (gather you eyes of newt and ears of Na’vi). And then on March 1st, emails will go out letting you know what hotel you got and telling you where to send a TWO-NIGHT DEPOSIT.

The TWO-NIGHT thing is a new, onerous practice put in place to discourage room hoarders. And yes, as a past room hoarder, I know why this is. Even though I only did it to help out friends (last year Len Wein), I won’t do it again.

So basically sometime on Friday Twitter will begin to explode with the cries and lamentations of those lost souls at the Rodeway Inn.

We do not mock. We could be among them.

As Hoteloweens go…this has been relatively sane and uneventful. So far.

UPDATE: And as of 3:17, housing is closed until March 12. May the odds be ever in your favor!


  1. The downtown Rodeway Inn is my old standby, but sadly it’s now a Red Roof Inn, and pricier. You really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

  2. Did anybody else get an error when trying to book for Wednesday to Sunday? I did. I eventually had to choose Saturday in order for the website to take my order, but the delay this caused will probably stick me out in Mission Valley or worse.

  3. I put in my request the moment the site went live–I said I’d take anything on the shuttle route…

    And I just got an email saying I’m waitlisted.

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