A Godzilla monster truck? Yes, please! Check out the details and images for the Hot Wheels x Godzilla collaboration below.

Godzilla is about to burn rubber with a cool new Hot Wheels collaboration from Toho, International and Mattel. Fans will see the Character Car hit store shelves in early November and the Hot Wheels Godzilla Monsters truck debut in early 2023.

The design is based on the Japanese HINO heavy construction truck, a massive 6-wheeled junk hauler inspired by all the destruction the monster has caused over the years. The junk in the back of the truck resembles Godzilla’s signature dorsal fins on its back and neck, while on the cab of the truck, you can see its glaring brow and vicious teeth biting down on the massive engine. At the rear of the vehicle is a massive tow hook that represents Godzilla’s iconic tail.  The number on the side of the truck is the date that the first Godzilla movie came out, November 3rd, 1954 and the markings on the side of the truck is katakana for Godzilla.

The Hot Wheels Godzilla Character Car is a 1:64 die cast vehicle that will be available in November exclusively at Target for $3.99.  The same design will also be available at a Hot Wheels Godzilla Monster truck early next year, in the 1:64 scale as well.

The collaboration is being unveiled just in time for Godzilla Day, November 3rd. On November 3rd, 1954, Godzilla appeared on the silver screen for the first time in Japan’s Gojira.  Since then, over 35 films have been made starring the enormous iconic monster which has resulted in a multi-billion-dollar franchise and global fandom over several decades.  First conceived in Japan, as a metaphor for the horrors of the nuclear age, Godzilla quickly turned into a household name, and has been featured in standalone books, comics, tv series, countless lines of consumer products, and more.

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