Earlier this week Joe Books announced a new ongoing Darkwing Duck comic book, by Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani, thus righting one of the great comics kerfuffles of all times. But as this news was disseminated in a somewhat roundabout way, some people heard it a little different: that a new Darkwing Duck TV show was coming!!!!! Oh boy 90s nostalgia! Finally, my time to talk about the olden days had come!

This had actually been reported as an April Fools gag last year, and so many people wanted to believe that a few outlets reported this revival as fact, and Darkwing fans reacted by running into the streets, popping champagne as they tossed their caps jauntily into the air.

But alas, it was not to be, and caps had to be sullenly retrieved from the dank cobblestones.

Earlier today, certain news outlets reported that Disney XD was making a new Darkwing Duck cartoon. However, that rumor—which started as an April Fool’s joke last year—died faster than Launchpad McQuack’s engines when trying to make a getaway. (Getting fuel is the ONLY thing you need to remember, McQuack, you son of a bitch.) Still, even though there’s no cartoon currently in the works, there probably will be someday. Networks eventually reboot everything—even ReBoot.


Even Darkwing creator Tad Stones got in on the hope dashing on Twitter and FB. Stones, a prolific animation creator, also worked on the Hellboy animated series and is currently directing Kulipari: An Army of Frogs for Netflix. He’s certainly still active and doing good work. And Darkwing DOES have a loyal following….hm….as the AV Club suggested, I think it’s only a matter of time before we see some of these 90s Disney properties brought back. It’s the 20 year rule: every 20 years things get really hot as the kids who watched them growing up are feeling old and want to revisit childish things. Just likeTransformers and Jem and the Holograms. It’s coming. Anything could happen, mark my words. Doug, even.


  1. I’m still hoping they’ll one day do a Gizmoduck series with cameos from Darkwing and the DuckTales cast.

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