Mike Mignola just social media-ed the first image of David Harbour as Hellboy and…well, it’s gonna be good to have him back.

The new Hellboy movie just started filming in the UK and Mignola is in set along with director Neil Marshall. The film also stars Daniel Dar Kim, Ian McShane and other people I can’t look up because it seems the IMDb page for this movie just went haywire because this image looks so great.

The film comes out in 2018 and will be R rated.

Here’s a full size version:



  1. In the department of expectation vs. reality, I just looked it up on boxofficemojo.com and neither Hellboy movie actually made any money. They didn’t break even in the U.S. and their global sales weren’t much better. The first one was good, the second one looked good, and it’s a different marketplace now, so we’ll have to see.


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