Get in on the ground floor of a new comic that everyone will be talking about Farel Dalrymple is the artist on the amazing book The Wrenchies, as well as Popgun War and the criminally OOP Omega the Unknown adaptation. He’s established hismefl as a worldbuilder with a unusualy resonant art style and a knock for haunting narratives that merge fantasy and people who find themselves emotionally lost in hostile environments.

And he’s got a new one, Proxima Centauri,  which just launched on Study Group. As the titl esuggests, it’s a SF tale about a youth named Sherwood Presely Breadcoat who wants to get back to earth to find his missing brother.

The first chapter looks spectacular and sets up plenty of mysteries. The strip updates every Friday, and Dalrymple is funding it on Patreon – I promtply joined up and I hope others will!

As I said this is stunning work. Bookmark and enjoy!