Okay not maybe the most chipper reading, but you’ll be thankful for you life after you read it> Dave Sim’s Judenhass (literally “Jew hate”) a harrowing, sensitive look at anti-Semitism and its horrific result in the Holocaust is now being offered for free at the website and via the Sequential app for iPad. Sim may be one of our more controversial comic masters, but no one has ever denied that he’s a comics master, or that he’s a master of emotion and composition, both evident in Judenhass, along with his historical research.

You can download Sequential, if you don’t already have it, here. And if you don’t already have it…what are you wwaiting for? it’s free and offers a lot of great free downloads and outstanding graphic novels in enhanced formats


  1. I was wondering why I did not have Sequential installed, but Bill is right, it appears to be iOS only. It’s their decision on how to allocate resources, but it seems to be an unnecessarily self-inflicted wound to not have an Android app. It can’t be that hard to whip one up, I would think.

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