Io9’s Lauren Davis has compiled this list of 51 Awesome Webcomics The Eisners Have Completely Failed To Recognizethat really functions as a basic list of Webcomics 101 (Although there are certainly omissions.) Still if you wanted to catch up the list is a great start.

Also, what webcomics do YOU read? WE do they every few years — sound off in the comments! and have a great holiday weekend.
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  1. Here’s an entertaining, insightful, and often laugh-out-loud web comic I’ve been following for some time: “My World and Welcome to It” by Richard Marcej. He writes and draws his daily single-panel with a sense of humor and honesty, about his life as a toy designer looking for love, good comics to read and Simpsons collectibles. If you like pop culture references, cats, blind-date stories and movie reviews, check it out: Recent hilarity here:

  2. I need to second Hunter Black (

    Why is it great? First, it is, just as billed, Hard Boiled Fantasy, mixing the tropes of great noir revenge stories with the elements of low heroic fantasy from every Dungeons and Dragons game you ever loved.
    Second, it has an amazing creative team: Justin Peniston is a terrific writer, and he adds value in discussing his writing process and inspiration with almost every set of panels. William Orr is an equally talented artist, and his art for Hunter Black is remeniscent of a Genndy Tartakovsky cartoon (especially Samurai Jack) in all the right ways, while being distinct in its own right. The many shades of black, white and grey, with the occaisional pop of blood red or lightining yellow gives the art fantastic edge. Not to be forgotten is the work by Jacob Bascle, letterer, and as described by writer Justin Peniston “Jacob Bascle is the chassis that holds it [Hunter Black] all together. He helps us find mistakes, he designs much of the look of the site itself (including the logo), and he is our biggest cheerleader. He gets to read the scripts as soon as Will does, and the emails that I get from him help keep me excited about being a writer. He’s a talented graphic designer and an all around good guy.” The creative team is both of those things, crazy creative, and really an unbeatable team that deliver great art FOR FREE.
    Third, the webcomic is now publishing THREE DAYS a week. You can pick up the collections on Comixology (and you should) but the whole run is online and well worth reading from beginning to end.
    Need more reason to read? Check these articles out too:,

    So, I guess what I am saying is, READ THIS COMIC.


  3. I third the rec for Hunter Black (, awesome story and great anti-hero who starts off mean and STAYS mean, while still being relatable.

    I’d also strongly recommend Kaspall (, to start on the first page), my all time favorite, which is actually wrapping up these days. I consider a story with a proper start, middle and end a big bonus. It features a quite unique fantasy setting: Kaspall, a city which connects to the Skein, a place where reality is rather elastic and shaped by dreams. People from other worlds – including one character from our own – end up in Kaspall by accident, and form an amazing society (everytime I see some of the ins and outs of the city’s inner workings, I think of Tommy Lee Jones in MiB saying, “Just like Casablanca, but without the Nazis”).That’s just the setting. The heart of the story is more a crime mystery, as people start turning up in the city with their throats slit and their little fingers chopped off, while mysterious monsters are seen roaming around…The characters are very well-rounded and likeable, there’s tons of amusing details in how the society works, man, I could just go on about this for hours. Highly recommended.

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