Amazon is having it’s annual Prime Day promotion, which gives extra discounts and specials just for Prime members. You can join free for a month and, if you wish,  cancel your membership with no obligation.

And yes, I know Amazon is the Evil Empire. But we all use it.

You can get to the main Prime page here. Please note, this link and all links on this page are Beat affiliate links – meaning I get some Amazon credit if you buy ANYTHING on Amazon from these links. My credit goes for improvements around Stately Beat Manor, tech equipment (like my beautiful 4 TB backup drive) and also shoes. Because I’m human.

A few comics deals have come and gone, like Volume 2 of Saga, already sold out, But a few more are coming at different times. So set that alarm! Many of the book deals resemble the clearance rack at B&N – a lot of For Dummies books, test book etc – but there are also gems by Lynda Barry, R. Sikoryak, Sarah Anderson and the great Mooncop by Tom Gauld

ALSO, you may recall, when you sign up for Prime you get Kindle Prime, which means a selection of FREE ebooks you can download for your Kindle or Kindle app. This includes a nice selection of graphic novels, including Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, Attack on Titan, Lumberjanes, Hellboy and many more. All FREE with your ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL.

Here’s links for Prime day deals and a comment or two.

A kids GN by James Patterson illustrated by the incomparable Laura Park! 

The famed iTunes graphic novel!

Aer by Zack Gallongo

Everyone loves a hidden mickey.

LOOMIS! The god of old timey how to draw books. If you want to see where a lot of classic cartoonists learned their chops, Loomis is ground zero.

Lynda Barry, nuff said.

And the ultra popular and funny Sarah Anderson

Not a comic, but Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks novel is considered an essential text for understanding just what the heck is going on in the new Twin Peaks.

Amazon’s own comics publishing line.

A popular book, I’m told.

YOU MUST HAVE MOONCOP ON YOUR SHELF. It is one of the essential graphic novels of the last five years!

Stephen Pastis funnies.

There are many gadgets and what not on special offers as well, so happy shopping.


  1. Looks like IDW has a good sale on, too. At a glance it looks like you need a coupon code on Comixology but not on Amazon, though I’ve only checked a couple books, not across the board.

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