Planning to visit a con, or set up? You can map your world tour with this resource. Biserka Stringer-Horne has just created a massive interactive map of more than 200 comics conventions in 50 countries as part of her site Comics Explorer.

Because comic conventions are such an important part of any creator’s calendar, I wanted to collect together as much information as I could to help you find the perfect convention near you. As you can see there are gazillions, and you have no excuse not to go to at least one. So, pick one, go meet some people and spread the word of your comics awesome. Happy con-going, wherever you are in the world!

I hadn’t seen Comics Explorer before, but it’s a nice site aimed at comics creators with a lot of resource posts. Stringer-Horne helps put on Thought Bubble, the much loved con/CAF, held every fall in Leeds UK. The site also has posts on choosing the perfect con, and convention prep, all worth a look.

If nothing else, this map shows how comics culture has become ingrained in world culture, from the Chile Comic Con in Santiago to TwinCon in Islamabad, Pakistan.

And as a reminder, The Beat is always looking for “On The Scene” reports from comics events anywhere in the world, including original reports and links to your reports. This is a thriving worldwide phenomenon and reflecting that is one of our missions here. Email us here.