In addition to spotlighting indie comics from all over, the MoCCA Festival and Society of Illustrators hand out many awards. Here’s a list of who won what:

Thew festival prize is the MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence, which were handed out Saturday night:


Glynnis Fawkes, “Alle Ego


Pat Dorian, “Lon Chaney Talks Part 2


Shreyas R. Krishnan, “Becoming Rosie”


Kate Lacour, “Vivisectionary II”


R. Sikoryak, “iTunes Terms and Conditions”

The winners were chosen by a jury consisting of Senior Editor at First Seond Books Calista Brill, artist Cliff Chiang, Editorial Director Charles Kochman, artist Mark Newgarden, and cartoonist, illustrator, and painter Lauren Weinstein.

In addition, the Society of Illustrators has announced the winners of their Comic and Cartoon Art Annueal Gold and SIlver medal winners. This competition is chaired by R. Sikoryak, with co-chair Lauren Weinstein. The 2016 Jury consists of: Josh Bayer, Leela Corman, Gemma Correll, Roger DeMuth, Drew Dernavich, Austin English, Timothy Hodler, Brendan Leach, Keith Mayerson, Rebecca Mock, Nicole Rudick, Benjamin Schwartz, Whitney Taylor, Julia Wertz and Ronald Wimberly.


Special Format
Gold Medal: A Walk in Brooklyn, Diana Schoenbrun
Silver Medal: The Bride-Mother, Eitan Eloa
Eventually Everything Connects, Loris Lora

Short Form
God Medal: Flop To The Top!, Eleanor Davis
Silver Medal: Fedor, Patt Kelley
Cartozia Tales #8 pp 1-4 “The Voyage of the Verbeekens, Tom Motley

Comic Strip
Gold Medal: The Picture of Dorian Grey, Jim Torok
Silver Medal: Spirit of the Staircase: The Game of Snooze, Matthew Foltz-Gray
Four Thieves, Julia Gfrörer

Long Form
Gold Medal: Soldier’s Heart: The Campaign to Understand My WWII Veteran Father – A Daughter’s Memoir, Carol Tyler
Silver Medal: Stroppy, Marc Bell
Borb, Jason Little

Digital Media
Gold Medal: As the Crow Flies, Melanie Gillman
Silver Medal: The Umbrella, Ligang Luo
A Cartoonist’s Diary, Rina Ayuyang

Single Image
Gold Medal: Harmony, Kelly Bastow
Silver Medal: El Robin Hood, Kaamran Hafeez
Mediterranean Sea, André Carrilho