Comics are so expensive– the amount of commitment required to follow a few series cash-wise can abuse the wallet peaking into hundreds of dollars a month easily– which is why those reading a lot of books in print love Discount Comic Book Service, a website that allows comics fans to purchase titles at a steep discount for all new comics.

DCBS is teaming up with Image to give %30 off all of their comics in a subscription service only for the publisher called Image Direct– a program that the publisher used to fulfill in other manners. DCBS is also expanding to sell the publisher’s merchandise with the program. Newsarama shared the news and a quote from Image;

“DCBS has long been one of our most supportive accounts and we’re so excited to be able to partner with them and expand the reach of Image Direct,” said Corey Murphy, Director of Sales at Image Comics. “Retailers are the backbone to this industry, but unfortunately many of our fans do not live in areas close by a local comic shop. We hope through DCBS and Image Direct we can fix that and widen the audience for creator-owned comics and merchandise.”

The website featured an additional quote:

“We are thrilled to partner with Image Comics in fulfilling their subscriptions and furthering readership in the industry,” said Christina Merkler, co-owner of DCBS. “Image provides a line of diverse and innovative products that showcase the best of creative talent in comics and we look forward to furthering their overall exposure.” currently has a slew of Image series available for %40 off outside of the program mentioned above. In my own experience shopping with the website, I have found that buying numerous print comics at such a steep discount often times balances out shipping costs for product. The website clarified that subscription orders can only be purchased in the continental United States, but know that this can be an excellent deal for serious comics fans buying their comics in the print medium.


  1. Kinda curious about how this is different from what they were already doing, which was selling Image comics on their Web site. Does this allow for the 12-issue pre-pay like a traditional magazine subscription?

  2. “Practical”?

    The fact of the matter is that paying for staff and rent and utilities and licenses and fees and everything else we do makes a major publisher pushing a deep discount as their thing kind of unpalatable.


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