Gina Gagliano is heading up the newly named Random House Graphic imprint over at Penguin Random House and she’s already hiring! Two job listing have gone up, a senior editor and a designer.

The senior editor job is one that is likely to be hotly contested by every person who ever edited or just wanted to edit graphic novels:

Random House Graphic is a new imprint of Random House Children’s Books, dedicated to publishing graphic novels for kids from young readers to middle grade and YA. We are looking for a senior editor to join our team. The senior editor will be acquiring and editing new graphic novel projects for the Random House Graphic list.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Acquiring 15+ new projects per year for the Random House Graphic list.

  • Working with Publishing Director in developing a publishing strategy; conceptualizes and acquires titles for Random House Graphic.

  • Responsible for all editorial aspects of book development, including text and art editing and development, copywriting including jacket, catalog, and other marketing copy as required.

  • Negotiating acquisitions with agents and authors.

  • Maintaining publishing/production schedules and meets deadlines.

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with authors, agents and industry organizations.

  • Participating in editorial meetings.

  • Presenting titles at sales meetings and elsewhere as required

  • Representing the Random House Graphic imprint at industry and public conventions

  • Representing the Random House Graphic imprint online and in media

15 new titles! This will be a substantial line!.

And here’s the designer job:

Random House Graphic is looking for a designer to join their team. The designer will be responsible for design development, art direction, desktop production and execution of jackets, covers and interiors for all Random House Graphic’s graphic novels. Manages the administrative, creative and technical design of books, covers and/or promotional materials, for Random House Graphic.

Both of these roles are likely to become fairly influential in the comics world, so get those resumes polished up!


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