San Diego Preview Night kicks off in exactly two weeks.

A fortnight.


While that can be explained by sheer dread and ennui, a quick check with fellow journos confirmed that we weren’t just being snubbed…all those “Steve Guttenberg and Mason Reese are available to talk about their new project, ‘Desperate for Attention,'” haven’t been received either.


People, if you expect me to sit at the computer for 20 hours a day posting all your shit next week….you have another think coming! PLAN AHEAD.


Michael Cavna has a list of 10 Comic-Con sites you should be checking. While we’re miffed he DID NOT INCLUDE THE BEAT, it is otherwise a good list. We’d also like to shout out the San Diego Comic Con Unofficial Blog for including a list of off-site events. Of which there are A LOT.

Aaaand we’ll have PLENTY to blog about tomorrow when the official schedule for Thursday is released, although Geoff Boucher spoils things a bit.

This Thursday, the first-day schedule for Comic-Con International will be announced, but already all over Los Angeles, studio insiders are playing a game of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” with their programming plans for film and television. One of the interesting tidbits we keep hearing about is the rumor that Entertainment Weekly is hosting a two-man panel that must come close to the elusive state known as Nerdvana: J. J. Abrams and Joss Whedon!

Oh man, Nerdvana! It’s like…a double rainbow or something.

Is there NOTHING comics related that can break through the news cycle for Comic-Con? ONI! Can’t you release a panel of SCOTT PILGRIM a day for two weeks, whetting our appetites or something?


  1. Perhaps tangentially related (in a gossipy rumormongering kind of way,) I’ve heard that some comics publishers–smaller ones, but not nobodies either–were not being granted their ususal/expected official panels at San Diego.

    Take that with a grain of salt, but if it’s the case that fewer publishers are being given official industry panels to discuss their stuff, that might be a contributing factor to why you’re getting fewer announcements to run…

  2. Well, I saw the Image Fairy Tale PR. And the WB announced their media panels. And some GLEE stars will not be appearing.

    Anybody analyzing Hall H? Who opens, who has the most buzz, the most panels? Hmm… why not open Hall H on Wednesday?

  3. The biggest problem I have is that you’re never really sure who is actually going to be appearing at the convention. If you’re trying to organize books and comics to take to get scribbled on, earlier notification is appreciated. In just the thursday programming list I see a good number of authors that there had been no indication anywhere they would actually be appearing at the convention.