Two takes on mixed marriages:
This St. Louis Today columnist grows excited when he sees his wife reading a comic:

I’ve never known Colette to have any interest in comics. She rolls her eyes at the thought of her almost-40 husband repeatedly asking for video games and comic books for his birthday. But there she was, on the Marvel web site.

“Whatcha doin?” I asked.

“I read on Laurell K. Hamilton’s web site that she’s putting out a graphic novel,” she said. “It said this comic-book company was publishing it. I’m trying to see if it’s out yet.”

Meanwhile a comic book wife writes touchingly of her husband’s lifetime of collecting on the occasion of his donating his collection to a school.

Sometimes I’d watch him in our New Haven apartment, one leg thrown over a metal arm in the blue canvas butterfly chair, reading his comics. What was going on in that head when he read this stuff? Did he identify with Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Spider-Man? Or was it the adventure that held his rapt attention for hours? Good over evil? I still don’t know.


  1. This last part is really interesting because I’ve always thought I’d donate my rather enormous collection to my alma mater as well. It’s good to know it will probably be well-received.