§ John Jakala touches on still-visceral objections to comics in the classroom via comments on a newspaper story:

What I found really interesting, though, was how the vitriol against using comics in the classroom erupted right away in the comments. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but after reading so many articles about schools and libraries using comics in their curricula, I thought the idea that comics could be a useful educational tool was more or less accepted now. Judging by the comments, however, there are still many people out there who view comics as subliterate trash. Here are some of my favorite comments:

§ Eric Adams‘ SPACE report. Joanna Estep’s

§ Rod Whigham takes over art on the Gil Thorp comics strip on April 7.

§ We missed this but Rich dragged it up yesterday: apparently Wizard has deleted most of its online archives. This seems kind of weird…you online get traffic with content, but we don’t know much about the web, really. Anyway, this caused some chagrin over at Comics Should Be Good! too:

I get that it is easier to revamp online sites if you can just do a wipe on the archives, but really, isn’t that just absolutely absurd for them to do? Wipe the archives to, what, save some time/money?


§ MEANWHILE, another post at that same blog, looks back at an issue of Wizard from October 1992Ah what a world it was 90s Nostalgia! We are so ready.

§ David Mamet’s cartooning career?

§ Hollywood needs muscle men, and they’re turning to the WWE to find them:

With Hollywood gearing up to launch “Thor,” and reboot “Conan the Barbarian” and “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” as potential new franchises, the big question is, who do producers cast?

The wiry or geeky stars of “The Matrix,” “Spider-Man,” “Transformers” or upcoming “Wanted” just won’t be able to pull off playing a muscled-up Norse god who wields a massive hammer. No, not even Shia LaBeouf.

And that has the biz quickly realizing it’s short on uber-buff action stars, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone out of contention, and even Dwayne Johnson dropping “The Rock” alter ego as he slims down and turns his attention to comedies.

Have they never heard of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds? What is the problem?


  1. I might have had that issue of Wizard! That was the prime of my “youth collecting” days as I was 11 when this issue came out. I remember X-Cutioner’s Song being practically the biggest thing in comics in the world to me (approximately 12 years later I got Jim Lee to autograph the gnarly Wanted poster of Cable, Angle, and Wolverine!). Those were some of the issues in particular that I remember most from traveling to the comic shop the town over from me growing up. I had Spider-Man 2099 #1, steadfastly refused to read DC books (honestly I was scared of not knowing their continuity), and oh, Valiant.

    The store I went to didn’t even carry Valiant, but there was a comic book store in town that didn’t sell any comic books except for a half dozen or so comic books behind the counter that were selling for hundreds of dollars (or rather, they were priced that way, I have no idea if he sold any). I couldn’t figure out why any comic book cost that much, let alone a comic of characters and a publisher that I had never even HEARD of. “Well, this is the platinum foil cover of such and such number zero.” I knew what all of those words meant individually, but put together in such a sentence he might as well just have said “banana banana banana.” It was ridiculous to me, even at that age, but I still felt like I was missing out. I never caved in and bought a Valiant book, and that’s probably why I like going to cons and buying five Valiant books (including number ones and zeroes) for one dollar and laughing my way back to my car.

  2. God, I can only hope they look at UFC guys too, if only for sheer entertainment factor. Of course, the only one I’ve seen so far that can actually act is Forrest Griffin. Rich Franklin, not so much.

  3. Having been a resident of the District Of Columbia, and having come of age during the Reagan administration, I suspect that Wizard might be engaged in the classic Cover Your Ass technique of erasing primary documents.
    Hmmm… maybe I’ll analyse an old issue of Amazing Heroes. Should be good for a chuckle, especially if I compare it to the same issue of the Comics Journal!

  4. What would it take to convince Joel Silver that Dwayne Johnson is the only contender to take on the lead role in his unproduced Doc Savage movie?

    Get him now before the abs turn to flab!!