Hey kids, apparently I lost my camera at SPX. I think I must have set it down on someone’s table and then just forgotten about it in all the excitement of love and comics. So if you unpacked and found a mystery camera, it may have been mine.

It’s a Canon Powershot A570is from 2007. I had downloaded about 95% of the pictures on it, but I’d like to get the SPX ones back.

No questions asked!


  1. Good luck finding you camera, Heidi…
    I lost my son’s sketchbook at SDCC this year. Both my son and I have been heartbroken and disillusioned that it wasn’t turned in to lost and found. I hope you have a better outcome…

  2. I’ve done this, but fortunately the booth exhibitor had held it in case the owner came back.

    I’m a scatterbrain anyway, so I’ve learned to always have the carrying case strapped around my neck during Comic-Cons (and vacations) and I’ve trained myself to reflexively return the camera in there when I’m not using it, and to never put it down.

    I also have printed out small labels with a “Reward if found” message with my phone number on it that I place on my small electronic devices like my iPhone and my cameras!