Is a comic shop named Strange Apparitions actually haunted or are they trying to live up to their name? Spalding Today recently shared footage from a local comic store in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England that reportedly shows a glowing orb bouncing around stacks of comics in the store. The footage was captured by the location’s CCTV security camera.

Strange Apparitions store manager Alex Hunt along with Alan Barnsdale (who runs Uptown Vinyl Records, which shares space with the comic retailer) received an alert from the shop’s motion sensors at around 9:30 pm on August 28. Upon looking at the CCTV footage, the pair was shocked to see a glowing, ghost-like orb floating around the closed store.

Haunted Comic ShopHunt described the orb as a “tennis ball-sized orb floating around” and said that the alarm continued to go off as the sphere bounced between the comic and record side of the shop.

“I was sat there for hours watching it. There is no explanation,” he explained to Spalding Today.

Barnsdale offered his own theory to the English publication:

“Two days before, I had been to an old manor in Leasingham, near Sleaford. I went and bought all these old records from the 1930s and ’40s and that sort of stuff, that had belonged to a man who had died. I had stacked a lot of them next to the counter and watching the footage it seems that the orb is searching the area where the records are.”

The next morning, when vinyl consultant James Buckey opened the store, he didn’t turn on the main lights immediately, and according to Barnsdale the orb shot from the counter to the door and then back to the counter. Buckey claimed it was only visible on the security footage he watched on his phone and not to the naked eye.

Because of the way the orb moves, many believe it is not a camera glitch or speck of dust. Watch the video below and judge for yourself!



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