Combining elements of the supernatural with a developing romance and the drama of trying to live on your own the first time, Freaking Romance by Snailords on WEBTOON is a fresh, funny comic that will haunt you in the best way possible.

Zylith meets Zelan in the mirror in Freaking Romance

After eighteen-year-old Zylith tells her parents she’d rather be an artist than become a doctor or nurse, she comes home to find that they’ve left all of her belongings on the sidewalk. Desperate for a new place to call home, she works her way through several unsuitable rentals before finding an amazing deal on a beautiful apartment listing.

Zyith learns about flirting

The catch? According to the realtor, rent on the apartment is discounted by fifty percent because the premises are haunted – and breaking the rent comes with a monetary penalty so severe that to pay it would be unthinkable.

Zylith can’t even make it through the showing of the rental without experiencing a supernatural encounter, but the experience doesn’t discourage her. On the contrary, by her own account, she is intrigued by the paranormal activity, and immediately signs the lease, penalty or not!

Fortunately for Zylith, her best friend, a student named Verose, is there to serve as the voice of reason. Verose points out that being a fan of supernatural stories is not the same as becoming part of a ghost story yourself, and then demands regular check-ins from Zylith to ensure that she isn’t subsumed into the spirit realm.



But if the handsome apparition who keeps appearing in Zylith’s apartment really is a ghost, why can her cat, Mr. Purrfect, interact with him? Could Zylith be a spirit herself, or is there some other supernatural shenanigans afoot? The answers are waiting in Freaking Romance!

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