It’s that time again, when a Marvel movie premieres to a hell a spectacle outside the theater (this time around they had a purple carpet even!), and a big chunk of the LA contingent of film twitter gets to see the movie with its stars and a large number of Marvel Studios alum.

The Marvel hype train is a little loud at this point, and it feels like every time one of these films comes out, it’s “the best Marvel movie yet”, but honestly with Thor: Ragnarok, that was actually true…and the potential of a Ryan Coogler-directed superhero film is pretty astronomical.

So with that said, let’s a take a gander at the early, spoiler-free reactions from twitter for Black Panther:


Phew! Sounds like Marvel has another winner on their hands, but it’s honestly kind-of felt that way ever since that first Run the Jewels-backed trailer was released. Could Black Panther catch the same zeitgeist fire as Wonder Woman did last year? I would not be surprised whatsoever, and pre-sales are staggering, setting a Fandango record.

Marvel also set up a live stream of the premiere last night, so if you have a free hour and want to take in some of what the folks above got to experience first-hand, the magic of the internet is here to help! Additionally here are a few images from Marvel’s twitter feed too, with the beautiful stars that are going to win over hearts and minds in a few weeks:


Black Panther debuts in theaters on February 16th. Yours truly will have a review here at The Beat just ahead of its release.


  1. I fear this movie being so oversold and overhyped, it’s bound to be a disappointment when people actually see it.

    I also fear that any critic who gives it less than an all-out rave review, ranking it with CITIZEN KANE and VERTIGO, will be drummed out of the profession — if not tarred and feathered.

  2. “I fear this movie being so oversold and overhyped”

    So, exactly like every Marvel film.

    “I also fear”

    You gotta stop being so afraid of movies, snowflake.

  3. Skip, you’re an asshole. And judging from the “snowflake” comment, you probably masturbate to photos of Steve Bannon every night.

  4. I’ve noticed, over the last few months, that you can’t post a comment about comics here without dealing with right-wing jerks.

    Now you can’t post a comment about movies without dealing with right-wing jerks (like good old Skip here).

    Pretty obvious that “Comicsgate” has replaced Gamergate as the online fascist movement du jour.

  5. Hey, Skippy Boy, go back to 4chan and Breitbart where you belong.

    You and your fellow morons can join hands and chant “Heil Trump.”

  6. Having demonstrated that you’re the textbook example of a troll — a person who has nothing to contribute to a conversation — do us a favor and get lost, Skippy.

    Clear enough, jerk?

  7. I never made any political claims, Georgy Boy. I just said you should stop crying and go watch Black Panther. Read better and ad hominem less.

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