If you were lucky enough to attend SDCC last month, you had the chance to watch the pilot for the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series on the DC Universe streaming platform. I feel sorry for folks who didn’t because they missed out on what’s sure to be the most bonkers cartoon Warner Bros. and DC Comics has ever produced. Described as “what if if Mary Tyler Moore were a supervillain,” a trailer can only do justice for just how brilliant the show is.

Thanks to IGN, we’ve got a new behind-the-scenes video teasing the insanity that’s to come in the Harley Quinn cartoon.

Besides the already revealed cast, it looks like actor Jacob Tremblay (Room, Good Boys) will be voicing Robin/Damian Wayne.

If you look closely you may spot veteran voice actors Phil LaMarr as well as Vanessa Marshall both of whom are no strangers working in DC Animation. No news regarding who LaMarr will be playing but as Marshall revealed on Twitter in July, she’ll be voicing Wonder Woman in the Harley Quinn cartoon.

Marshall has voiced the Amazon Warrior in previous projects such as Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. In fact, as she recounted at NYCC ’17 she auditioned for Wonder Woman in the Bruce Timm Justice League cartoon. Blink and you’ll miss a quick glimpse of Wonder Woman in the video.

Harley Quinn cartoon

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at DC Universe’s adult animated comedy series Harley Quinn, starring Kaley Cuoco as Gotham City’s favorite Queenpin of Crime. The new NSFW comedy also stars Alan Tudyk as the Joker (and Clayface), Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, and Diedrich Bader reprising his role as Batman. Harley Quinn is executive produced by Cuoco, Patrick Schumacker, Justin Halpern, Dean Lorey, and Sam Register, and premieres on DC Universe this fall.