It isn’t hard to get into the Halloween spirit when you’re wandering through a post-apocalyptic world without power or Wi-Fi and running low on food. I’m torn between laughing at the tiny indignities of post-Sandy Manhattan—no lids for coffee even in the power zone!—and feeling sorrow over the vast, vast economic and human toll of this terrible disaster. The loss of life and property is sobering. As a veteran of earthquakes, a riot, 9/11, blizzards and blackouts, this disaster has already had the most effect on my well-being, even if the direct results are thus far trivial in the larger scheme of things. For other people it is far, far worse and Sandy will be felt for a long time.

For those of you following along CBR and BC have been rounding up comics industry reaction to the hurricane. Of course you can follow along yourself on Twitter. Marvel and DC are in the power zone but it’s a long haul to get to work, as Marvel editor Daniel Ketchum demonstrates.

As for Stately Beat Manor itself: we have gas so can heat up cans of beans, and the kittens have been keeping us warm since there is no heat. Not the best conditions. The Beat will probably remain at half speed until power returns. We hear comics will be on sale tomorrow for stores that are open.

Continued best wishes to all affected. Hang in there!