Jack Kirby. The Fantastic Four. This Man. . .This Monster. Splash
Jack Kirby. From 2001. 009
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  1. He, to me, is the Picasso of Comic Art.

    He started off drawing “realistic” representational figures, and then over the years, progressed to a sort of visual coding shorthand, with inferred anatomy, dynamic compositions, and a restless creativity.

    One of my heroes for what he managed to accomplish during his lifetime, his influence on comic art and artists, and his incredible work ethic.

  2. I’m thinking I will go with the Ultimate Arcade II design… I need to find someone to build the cabinet as I don’t do wood work & live in a small apartment & have no tools… I’m looking at family members at the moment, hopefully that will work, but we’ll see…

  3. Years after not collecing found a sweet copy of thor 168 in a file. His work brought me back to my time collecting, still magic!

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