Yes, we are still loafing. In a summer in which we spent ZERO hours lying in the sun, reading a book, going to the beach, or simply sitting in the park, we can be allowed some late posting, especially when we’ve been so excited by conventions, speeches, sexy VPs and so on.


  1. But… but… but… where will I get my fix? It’s like getting comics a day late because of holiday shipping!

    Wait a minute… if Heidi can relax, then so can I… haven’t been to a beach since… 1994, and that was on the North Sea in Germany. Reading I do on the subway, currently reading Bowden’s “The Best Game Ever” about the Colts-Giants championship game.

    Last night was amazing. Didn’t watch any of it, but read the coverage from the New York Times. They have a “spherical” snapshot of the stadium, and it’s like, ohmigawd, he’s a rock star. And all the DNC has to do is print up a truckload of “90%” signs and show up at every McCain event.

    As for McCain, well, some women are insulted by it, feeling the Republicans are playing the gender card. How she tempers her conservative record with independents remains to be seen.

    For those who like to follow the horserace, the Iowa Electronic Markets has two funds which place an economic model on the presidential race. (Initial investors purchase equal shares of Republican and Democratic shares, fifty cents each. The winning stock pays a one-time dividend of $1. Thus, you trade stock based on who you feel will win.)

    Enjoy the weekend, Heidi! How are the essays going?

  2. I’m thinking I will go with the Ultimate Arcade II design… I need to find someone to build the cabinet as I don’t do wood work & live in a small apartment & have no tools… I’m looking at family members at the moment, hopefully that will work, but we’ll see…

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