Liquidcity Cover
How many cartoonists from Singapore and Thailand can you name? After the new anthology LIQUID CITY comes out from Image, you’ll probably be able to name many more. Edited by Sonny (MY FAITH IN FRANKIE) Liewthe book will include many new faces alongside the familiar: Image PR is below, but you can follow along at a LIQUID CITY blog. The cover art by Shelly Wan alone has us eager to check this out.

Oh, PS: check out the previews here. Good stuff!


Above: Invasion by Leong Wan Kok

“LIQUID CITY presents the unique visions of artists and writers based mainly in Southeast Asia,” said editor Sonny Liew. “The creators involved range from established figures in the region’s comics communities like Lat and Gerry Alanguilan, to exciting new talents like Nguyen Thanh Pong, kenfoo and Shari Chankhamma.”

Bringing together creators from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and elsewhere, LIQUID CITY presents an edgy vision of lives in cities past, present and future: from Leong Wan Kok’s distinct post apocalyptic landscapes to Lat’s charming take on Malaysian life in the ’60s, from Mike Carey’s meditation on colonialism to kenfoo’s dark tales of regurgitation and bodily transformations.

Also contributing to the anthology are artists from outside the region, including award-winning illustrator Jon Foster and cover artist Shelly Wan.


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