delisle hostage



Canadian graphic novel artist Guy Delisle is slowly unveiling details about his upcoming book “Hostage”. The book will relate the real life experience of Christophe André, an administrator at Doctors without Borders who was kidnapped in Chechnya in 1997 and held hostage for over 100 days. The French version of the book, titled S’enfuir, is due to come out in France mid-September and in Canada in October. Drawn & Quarterly has announced that they acquired the rights to the English version of the book and it should be published in May 2017. D&Q has posted a 2-page preview in English on their website HERE, though if you’re truly curious, you can read the first three chapters (50 out of 430 pages!) of the French edition of the book on the website Le Monde HERE.

This book appears to signal a departure from his typical work. Delisle is mostly known for his travelogues and most recently for his quirky guides to bad/neglectful/terrible parenting, all of which relate his own experiences and adventures. Hostage is a move away from autobiography into the world of biography. His style is actually taking on a fantastic minimalistic approach as the protagonist is confined in a room and there appears to be very little interaction with the outside world once things get started. A fascinating first look at what seems to be a truly engaging story.