As long as we’re talking “comics media,” over at io9 there’s a Guide to the Overwhelming Amount of Awesome New Comics Coming This Fall which does indeed include many interesting new books. Props to them for going beyond front of the Diamond catalog to include Black Mask, Aftershock, Titan and Archie, among others. But no D&Q, Fantagraphics or any manga. Or First Second or Random House. Maybe that will be a separate list?

With SPX and CXC coming up, a ton of good indie comics are coming out, and mainstream publishers are getting into the game. And it’s true: there is just too much material coming out for a single piece to cover it all.

It does back up something I’ve bene noticing though. As much of the remaining comics media (such as it is) has turned its focus to issues of representation in the mainstream (a very worthy topic) it seems that small press comics, or indie comics, or literary comics or art comix or whatever you want to call them. Or even international bestsellers like Riad Sattouf’s The Arab of the Future 2, coming out on October 20.

Anyway, if you want a supplemental list of graphic novels coming out this fall, here’s a selected list of 60 titles I put together for Publishers Weekly. New Sarah Glidden, Jill Thompson, Box Brown, Snyder & Lemire, Dave McKean, Ohba & Obata, Isabel Greenberg and more.

Too much awesome!


  1. They choose Archie books, but not some of the weird sci-fi that Fantagraphics is doing, like Band for Life…

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