I don’t suppose you need much more encouragement to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – I know I don’t – but there’s a new teaser trailer and some character trading card posters just in case.

And you can now buy advance tickets for the May 5 premiere.

Will this be as big as Beauty and the Beast? Or bigger?

I admit I cried when I saw the first teaser trailer because these characters have become such an iconic part of pop culture – in a way all these teasers are kind of like the movie has already begun? I might stop watching the promo because I want to preserve some wonder and surprise.

But…tickets bought.

GOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Ayesha_v2_LgGOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_BabyGroot_v3_LgGOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Drax_v2_Lg (1)GOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Ego_v2_Lg (1)GOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Gamora_v2_Lg (1)GOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Mantis_v2_Lg (1)GOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Nebula_v2_Lg (1)GOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Rocket_v2_LgGOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Star-Lord_v3_LgGOTG2_48x67.5_TradCard_Yondu_v2_Lg