Last week Marvel Comics announced a new Guardians of the Galaxy ongoing series, set to launch in April with a mysterious event known as “Grootfall.” Now the publisher has unveiled a new four-issue miniseries set in the past of everyone’s favorite sentient tree alien. Due out in May, Groot comes from the creative team of writer Dan Abnett and artist Damian Couceiro, and will “explore Groot’s early days and uncover the truth about his home and species.” Lee Garbett provides the cover art for the series. No other members of the creative team were listed in the announcement.

Here’s how Marvel describes Groot:

Before he was a Guardian of the Galaxy…before the Grootfall…young Groot lived a life of tranquility on his serene home world. But when monstrous invaders attack his planet, Groot must accept his heroic destiny! But will this destiny lead him to come to blows with a young Kree soldier by the name of Mar-Vell?

The new miniseries marks a return to Marvel Cosmic for writer Dan Abnett, who notably revamped and redefined the Guardians of the Galaxy along with co-writer Andy Lanning back in 2008. In a statement announcing the new series, Abnett expressed his enthusiasm at returning to this corner of the Marvel Universe:

“I am Groot! No, that’s not right… I am delighted to be back WITH Groot for this series that will explore his early life and adventures, reveal some secrets of his home and his people, introduce some fantastic new characters, reveal a couple of big secrets… and also guest star some VERY unexpected Marvel characters,” Abnett promises. “So it’s back to the future for a blast from the past…. no, that’s not right either… If you like Marvel Cosmic, you’re going to LOVE this.”

Artist Damian Couceiro also spoke about the opportunity to work on the new series:

“I’m thrilled to be working along with Dan on this origin story of Groot!” Couceiro added. “Groot is a super fun character to work with, he’s cute but also brave and a warrior so there is a lot to play with, and Dan came up with a crazy epic story full of action and fun that I think readers will enjoy a lot!”

Groot #1 (of 4) is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, May 3rd.