Not a hoax!  Not an imaginary story!

Super Grover, a superhero so popular he’s had a balloon in Macy’s Parade, who is faster than lightning, stronger than steel, and smarter than a speeding bullet (and cute, too), has been given an upgrade by Sesame Workshop!

In six new six-minute segments, Grover is coming to the rescue in “Super Grover 2.0.” As he observes, questions, investigates and reports, our hero literally stumbles across solutions to problems all across the planet. “Super Grover 2.0” is a continuation of this season’s curriculum, science investigation, allowing young children to become active participants in the processes of scientific inquiry as they make observations, formulate questions, and investigate answers. Encouraging children to explore the fascinating worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is what connects Sesame Street’s 41st season with the current national focus on these STEM concepts. 

How did a non-descript door knob salesman become one of the most recognized and adored superheroes on the planet?  Watch the thrilling origin story below!

Five Sesame Street Stories (Part 1: The Origins of Super Grover)

Want to see the new Super Grover in action?  Grab your lunch and spend some time at Sesame, where you can watch classic and modern videos of the Dark Blue Detective in action!

Want to cosplay as Super Grover?  You can do that, too!  All you need is paper, markers or crayons, a glue stick, and scissors (and your mommy’s permission).  There’s even a Super Grover font, available for free!

Of course, behind every superhero, there are the nameless, unknown support staff.  Just as Batman has Oracle and Alfred, so does Super Grover have Eric Jacobson , Jerry Juhl, Bob Payne, and Jason Weber to help him in his problem solving!

Of course, this being Sesame Street, there are also some excellent parodies this season, including the “Furry Four” and “Ironing Monster”!