The Hollywood Reporter today revealed that a Batwoman TV series is in development as part of the CW’s ever-expanding slate of DC TV series. Greg Berlanti, supreme chancellor of all of the network’s DC-TV offerings, is developing the show, with Caroline Dries set to script the pilot and executive produce the show. Dries has previously written for Smallville and The Vampire Diaries, as well as serving as an EP on the latter series.

This news is not entirely out of the blue, as Stephen Amell let slip back in May that Batwoman would be making her debut in next year’s CW DC Arrowverse crossover. You had to figure it was only a matter of time before she got a series of her own. Kate Kane will be the first Bat-character to appear within the Arrowverse, though there have been oblique references to Batman and direct references to his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, and to Gotham on a handful of occasions. Of all of the characters in the Bat-Family, Batwoman makes the most sense to bring to the show, as her backstory is the least reliant on Batman’s existence.

Since Kate’s arrival was announced a few months ago I’ve had my fingers crossed that Arrow will end after the upcoming season and be replaced by a Batwoman series, so I’m happy to see this step in that direction. Hopefully the show makes it to series.