Next month, DC Comics will release Green Lantern #2. The next issue in the new series starring Earth’s emerald guardians features a main story from the creative team of writer Jeremy Adams, artist Xermánico, colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr., and letterer Dave Sharpe, and a backup story from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, artist Montos, colorist Adriano Lucas, and letterer Sharpe. Today, ahead of its preorder cutoff date, The Beat is pleased to offer a preview of the issue, which picks up with Hal Jordan and John Stewart both adjusting to life back on Earth.

Here’s how DC describes Green Lantern #2:

Hal Jordan’s homecoming is off to a rocky start! Carol Ferris is this close to firing him from the job he’s only just begged his way into, his power ring isn’t exactly working right, and off in the shadows, Sinestro, the architect of Hal’s current crisis, is waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Plus, the hard-hitting John Stewart backup series from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Montos heats up as the Guardian John Stewart and his team, the Watchtower, fall under siege from a mysterious new threat!

Along with a main cover by Xermánico, Green Lantern #2 will also sport variant covers by Tony Daniel (open-to-order), Darick Robertson (open-to-order), Mike Deodato Jr. (cardstock), Rafael Sarmento (1:25 ratio), and Cully Hamner (1:50 ratio).

The first issue of the Dawn of DC GL relaunch was a great start, a refreshing introduction to both Hal Jordan and John Stewart that set up a number of mysteries to explore, all beautifully illustrated by the artistic teams.

Check out unlettered interior previews for both the main and backup stories, as well as the variant covers, for Green Lantern #2 below. The issue is set to arrive in stores and digitally on Tuesday, June 13th, and has a final order cutoff date of Sunday, May 21st.