CORRECTION: In all the excitement I managed to forget the news that MTV has aquihired most of the ex Grantland staff. So clearly they have online plans but with a new crew in place. Grantland had the occasional important nerd thought piece, and I imagine they’ll continue on.

Speak of the devil! The great sunsetting of nerd/geek themed news claimed another victim yesterday when Alex Zalben tweeted:

In a subsequent tweet, Zalben explained he had been part of January layoffs.

Zalben’s departure seems to close the books on an era of nerd news at MTV that began with Splash Page, and continued on with MTV Geek, then continued on with just MTV Geek. That SITE was shut down in 2013, but Zalben remained at MTV as their last go to reporter for geek news. And now, just a category, I suppose. With The Shannara Chronicles now a hit for the net, they’ve reached their own internal peak geek.

Zalben remains as a co-host of the long running Comic Book CLub live event in NYC, and I’m sure he’ll remain on the scene and land on his feet.

But yeah, being in the comic book news business is not a good long term career plan. Unless you’re really smart and cunning like Danielle Rousseau!


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