How do books get made?

You might think that’s a comprehensive statement about the theme of our podcast — but for this episode, we’re focusing specifically on how physical books actually get made: the process of working with a printer to produce physical book objects. Turns out: it’s fascinating! And also complicated.

Today we talk to First Second’s Production Manager, Alexa Villanueva, about how she works with the team at First Second and the printer and a shipping company and a warehouse and a whole lot of other people to get books to turn from files to physical things on bookshelves.

So how does that all happen? Tune in to find out!

Want to see more of Alexa’s work at First Second? You can always find pictures of their books on the First Second twitter, @01FirstSecond.

Alison Wilgus is a writer, editor and cartoonist; her comics have been published by First Second, Dark Horse, DC, Del Rey and Nickelodeon Magazine, and she’s currently working on a graphic novel duology with Tor. You can find her online @aliwilgus

Gina Gagliano is the Publishing Director of Random House Graphic, Random House’s dedicated imprint for comics for kids and teens, and has worked with organizations like the Brooklyn Book Festival, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the Toronto Comics Art Festival to coordinate programming and media. You can find her online @_GinaGagliano.

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