As Fox’s Batman-without-Batman-but-soon-to-maybe-feature-Batman TV series Gotham winds down, the show is bringing in even more iconic comic book characters than before. Last week the show teased its rendition of the Dark Knight himself, set to appear in the series finale. Today a new trailer was released for the final two episodes, and it features the show’s final vision of Batman’s most dangerous villain, The Joker:

Fox has also released a promotional still of Gotham‘s clown prince of crime:

The character is played by Cameron Monaghan, who has appeared on the show sporadically as Jerome Valeska since the first season. The series has tracked his fall, and it looks like he’ll be going full Mr. J in the final hours of the series. The promotional image and trailer both appear to have Monaghan in old-age makeup, which tracks with what we know about the series finale being set ten years in the future of the series timeline.
I admit that I haven’t watched Gotham since somewhere during season 2, and it’s a show that I never really loved even up until that point. Between this and the promise of a Batman appearance, though, I have to admit I’m morbidly curious about how the series is going to end. Monaghan seems to be doing some hybrid of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger in that teaser, which is…well, it’s a choice. I’m curious how well it will work for a full hour.
It’s also worth noting that today is April Fools’ Day, so the legitimacy of this is automatically called into question. That said, if it is a joke, Fox has gone a long way to sell it.
The final two episodes of Gotham begin on Thursday, April 18th.


  1. Looks alright to me. I still contend Gotham is the only iteration today doing a Tim Burton camp/gothic/art deco thing, from the music on down

  2. Looks like a mobile version of the old, dying Joker in the animated Brave and the Bold series episode: The Knights of Tomorrow.

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