Next on Disney’s live action remake list is the 1955 classic, Lady and the Tramp. Under normal circumstances this might elicit some eye rolls — but the implications here are huge. Namely because, and I cannot stress this enough: doggos. A first look at the cast, exclusively announced by People, reveals the good-est cast of good dogs in recent memory. Disney also revealed images of the pups alongside their hoo-man counterparts, which is full of powerful energy.

Here’s a look at the dogs and their voice actors, courtesy of People with photos by K.C. Bailey.

Let’s begin at the beginning, with the Lady herself, Tessa Thompson, who MCU fans know as Valkyrie and has also starred in Sorry to Bother You, the Dear White People movie, and more. You’ve seen her as goats — now you can see her, well… hear her, as the leading pup. Thompson will be working with the renowned Cocker Spaniel Rose to bring their character to life.

lady and the tramp remake

Playing alongside these women in the opposite titular role is Monte, a rescue dog turned thespian, and star of The Leftovers, Justin Theroux. According to People, Monte was adopted by one of the animal trainers on the film, Mark Forbes. Proud of you, Mark!

lady and the tramp remake

Next is Sam Elliot, who’s appeared in films like the recent A Star is Born as well as classics like The Big Lebowski and Road House. With his canine coworker, the two will bring the bloodhound, Trusty, to the silver screen.

lady and the tramp remake

Janelle Monáe, singer, songwriter of Dirty Computer, is also joining the cast as Peg, who is one of Lady’s close companions — and also the character who sings the famous number “He’s a Tramp.”

Trusty’s best pal, the Scottish terrier Jackie, will be played by the Scottish actress Ashley Jensen (The Lobster, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World). This character is actually a gender-bent version of the original character, Jock. Also important to note is the image below. Take a look at the pup playing the part and you may notice her wittle hat.

Finally, Disney reaches back into the MCU to snatch up Benedict Wong for the role of Bull: a pound dog set free thanks so Tramp and, you guessed it, a bulldog.

The Lady and the Tramp remake will be available on November 12 — not in theaters — but right in your living room if you shell out for a Disney+ subscription ($7.99 per month, or get Disney+, Hulu and ESPN in a $12.99 per month bundle). The film is directed by Charlie Bean, with a screenplay by Andrew Bujalski.