Drew Friedman’s print shop offers this stunning view of wrestler/Ed Wood Jr stock player Tor Johnson for a mere $150.

Despite his brutish on-screen persona, Johnson garnered affection for his cooperative, gentlemanly off-screen demeanor: Tor often went for drinks with his wrestling opponents, and he and his wife Greta were renowned for hosting lavish Swedish dinners. Actress Valda Hansen, who co-starred with Johnson in Revenge of the Dead (1959), described Tor as “like a big sugar bun.” Wrestler George “The Animal” Steele portrayed Tor in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood biopic.

Friedman’s site contains many more prints of a similar quality level: Frank Sinatra. The Three Stooges. JF. Surely you know someone who would like such an object as a holiday gift? If not, you are hanging out with the wrong class of people.