Today, The Beat has your first look at four exciting titles from indie publisher Levine Querido. These include Pardalita by Joana EstrelaThe Boy from Clearwater by Yu Pei-Yn and Zhao Jian-XinBrooms by Jasmine Walls and Teo DuVall, and How Do I Draw These Memories? by Jonell Joshua.
Read on to learn more about Levine Querido’s publishing philosophy, as well as to find quotes on each of the four aforementioned books from Levine Querido’s Executive Editor, Nick Thomas, as well as from the President and Editor-in-Chief, Arthur A. Levine.

Levine Querido

Here are the details about Levine Querido:

“Levine Querido is born of a fervent mission to give voice to a uniquely talented, exceptionally diverse group of authors and artists whose books will inspire a true LOVE of reading in young people while offering them a sense of their (and others’) rightful place in the world. Our company has a focus on publishing the writing and artwork of authors and creators from underrepresented backgrounds, including people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, Latinx creators, indigenous artists and writers, creators with disabilities, members of minority religions, and more.

“Levine Querido books are characterized by great storytelling, undeniably powerful and beautiful artwork, and a fearless commitment to telling deep truths. We publish books with authentic emotion and ideas or perspectives we haven’t seen before, in stories from graphic novels to picture books to middle-grade and YA prose.”



“A sweet, gentle coming-of-age love story, Pardalita is a comics, verse, and prose hybrid that explores the pangs of queer first love. The main character, Raquel is smart and funny, and flashbacks give her dimension and depth. The world needs these kinds of tender, joyful stories that feel so personal—like re-visiting your old high school diary.” – Nick Thomas, Levine Querido Executive Editor

The Boy from Clearwater

“I knew I wanted to acquire this book when I first saw the art at Bologna: gorgeous detailed drawings by Zhou Jian-Xin, which change in each section reflecting the era of the times. It’s based on the true story of a young man who was imprisoned (for joining a high school book club!) during Taiwan’s Martial Law era. It’s about the resilience and tenacity of the Taiwaneese people, but it’s also a heart-lifting story as well as a warning about what happens when a society allows censorship and fearmongering to take hold.” – Arthur A. Levine, Levine Querido President and Editor-in-Chief


“A story about queer and BIPOC witches in 1930s Mississippi who just want to fly – but because of who they are, they’re not allowed. So—it’s time for underground broom racing, hidden magic, and growing new friends all the while. This book is five years in the making—I first started working on it with Jasmine and Teo back in 2019! It’s developed into one of the coolest, most inclusive storylines I’ve had the honor to work on…and simply one of the most joyous and fun :)” – Nick Thomas, Levine Querido Executive Editor

How Do I Draw These Memories?


“Because of her mother’s mental illness, Jonell Joshua and her brothers spent her childhood shuttling between Savannah and New Jersey, between her grandparents and her mother. This graphic memoir tells the story of her family finding a way to keep going during that time. The first time I saw Jonell’s art I knew I wanted to work with her—there’s something about the lines she draws and the energy she conveys that draws you in—forgive the pun. And her emotional honesty in this very personal story honestly feels one-of-a-kind.” – Nick Thomas, Levine Querido Executive Editor

What do you think of these four titles? Which ones are you most eager to check out when they arrive at your local bookstore or public library?

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