The new middle-grade graphic novel Cosmic Cadets (Book One): Contact! is coming to Earth on Tuesday, April 25th, 2023! Written by Ben Crane with illustrations by Mimi Alves and colors by Priscilla TramontanoCosmic Cadets: Contact! will be published by Top Shelf Productions.

But you don’t have to wait until later in April to make contact with Cosmic Cadets. Scroll on down for your first look inside the comic, right here, today at The Beat!

Cosmic Cadets: Contact!

Cosmic Cadets (Book One): Contact!

Here’s the description of Cosmic Cadets: Contact! from the publisher:

“Our parents can’t stop a galactic war… but maybe we can? Strap in for a colorful and action-packed space adventure about friendship, family, and fear of the unknown!

“Humanity has gone to the stars, and the ESS Khonsu and its crew are leading the charge to explore the galaxy. As the son of the ship’s captain, Jimmil might not always live up to his mom’s expectations… but right now he and his friends might be the galaxy’s only hope.

“After they’re stranded on a strange alien planet, they’ll have to do what their parents couldn’t: explore the surface, discover the secrets of the terrifying race that lives there, and try to prevent a full-scale war!

“Working together, these Cadets will discover that sometimes being a hero means learning to see new perspectives, and sometimes bravery means admitting when you’re wrong.”

And here’s more about creators Crane and Alves:

“Ben Crane was almost a mathematician but instead went into visual storytelling. He has lived in North Carolina, Connecticut, South Korea, and now Los Angeles, where he works in film development. In his spare time, he plays board games with Mimi or walks their two dogs.

“Mimi Alves is a multi-talented artist who has been drawing and creating stories since they were first able to hold a pen. They were the artist for the long-running webcomic Rapture Burgers, and have created illustrations, storyboards, or animations for clients ranging from self-published books to The Disney Channel. They live in Los Angeles with their husband and co-creator Ben and their two dogs.”

Arriving April 25th

Cosmic Cadets: Contact! is scheduled to arrive on our planet on Tuesday, April 25th. Will you be checking it out at a local bookstore or public library when it lands?

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Cosmic Cadets

Cosmic Cadets