News about Jessica Jones, Marvel’s digital followup to the hit Netflix series Daredevil, has come at a slow drip over the last few months, but as we head closer to the series’ November 20th release date, the flow of information seems to finally be picking up.  Earlier today, released the first official images of Breaking Bad and Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23 alum Krysten Ritter as the show’s titular lead.

After a short-lived stint as a superhero, Jessica Jones is attempting to rebuild her life in New York City.  She’s taken on a job as a private investigator, focusing on crimes committed by people with metahuman abilities.  Ritter will be joined by Mike Colter as Nick Cage, whose own series will follow Jessica Jones.

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  1. “Ritter will be joined by Mike Colter as Nick Cage, whose own series will follow Jessica Jones.”

    I can not wait for that show. The bees!

  2. So they took Nicholas Cage and made him black? And muscular? And bald?
    Boy, this “diversity” thing at Marvel is getting out of hand!

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